Defense & Cybersecurity

Today’s organizations are facing unprecedented security challenges. The exponential increase in the number of active connected devices and humans on the Internet using personal computing and smart phones inside and outside the office bring along new capabilities. However, this also exposes you to new security challenges. Moreover, the Internet of Things phenomenon is exponentially increasing the number and types of attack vectors, including: mobile devices, web-enabled and mobile applications, social media, web browsers, home computers, and even vehicles.

Acting quicker before, during, and after an attack is one of the fundamental requirements for today’s digital transformation projects. Security solutions need to avoid security breaches, identify security threats and address networks’ potential vulnerabilities.

Businessman using tablet and set up network connection with shield guard to protected from cyber attacks. Network security system concept

INFORT Egypt’s experienced and certified security engineers design and develop comprehensive multi-layered security solutions for businesses’ critical ICT infrastructure on the network, endpoints and mobile devices; virtually, and in the cloud/data center. We have been providing security solutions of all kinds; including network security, host security, end point protection, overall system compliance, and more. We provide security consultancy as well as guidance in best practices to keep your organization secure from both internal and external threats.

To that end, these are some of the solutions we deploy: