Mansour Core Values

The Mansour Group takes a patient-capital approach to expanding into new sectors and geographies. We make long-term investments in businesses, in partnerships and in people. This approach has allowed us to navigate economic cycles and negotiate the challenges of investing in different regions globally.

We are continuously seeking new opportunities, partnerships and relationships to drive growth globally, keeping in mind the importance of giving back to the communities in which our businesses operate.

We have six subsidiary companies which operate businesses across the following sectors globally: automotive, banking & real estate, consumer goods, education, healthcare, IT & telecommunications, machinery & equipment, media & advertising, oil & gas, transport and logistics and technology.

The Mansour Group has a mission and that is to make money, make it ethically and thus make a difference. We consistently strive to apply a set of core principles and values in the way we do business. As such, our primary focus has been to provide our stakeholders with our utmost commitment, transparency, and integrity; therefore, we tend to abide by the rules of honesty, truthfulness, and consistency in all of our business transactions. Moreover, our commitment to our stakeholders always governs how we balance our work and life. World-class companies usually have cutting-edge technology, superior management systems, outstanding electronic systems, and database management, yet the core guiding force behind their success is their human capital – the people who make the decisions and who are responsible for taking actions in these organizations. One of the critical characteristics of our accomplishments is that our company carefully balances between the values, interests, goals, and objectives of the organization, in addition to that of the individuals who work for us.

Our aim is to lead by example, especially in the area of responsible business conduct, by raising awareness of the Egyptian Business Community on the importance of Global Compact principles such as Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment and the fight against corruption. Respecting these principles will ensure best practices today and a better future tomorrow.  I commit to pursuing the implementation of these principles much further within our companies. In addition, I am committed to the pursuit of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) within the scope of our projects and activities.  The Mansour Group is committed to play a strong leadership role vis-à-vis the achievement of these goals both in Egypt and in the Middle East region.

When I look at global trends today, there is no doubt that sustainability is one of The Mansour Group’s greatest opportunities to make a difference in the business community, among our customers, within our community and beyond.

Youssef L. Mansour