Internet of Things (IoT)

We have been leading the way in advising businesses on how to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to improve processes, faster decision-making, and gain bottom-line benefits. 

We specialize in combining our industry knowledge with state-of-the-art engineering to provide end-to-end solutions that enable our customers to monitor, track, manage and control their asset portfolio.

Our Solutions :

Heavy Equipment; Comprehensive Equipment Activity Data

With our Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution, track your equipment ensuring its location and optimum operations.

Tank Monitoring; Exhaustive Tank Diagnostics

With our Tank Operations Solution, keep a pulse on your tanker fleet to prevent product adulteration or theft.

Cargo Security; Impenetrable, Innovative Cargo Security

With our Cargo Security Solution, observe all activity on your containers from the loading site to the destination.

We give corporate Business Intelligence & IoT Solutions. We help you achieve: Optimization of Business Processes, Strategic Decision-making & Bottom-line Growth.